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Absolutely! Axe throwing is an entertaining hobby and sport that is safe for everyone! Like any sport, safety measures are taken and safety rules are in place and need to be followed to ensure the safest experience.



  • Don’t Be An Axe-Hole.

  • Waivers must be signed by everyone.

  • Closed toed shoes are MANDATORY.

  • NO smoking or Vaping inside.

  • Patrons impaired by drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to throw.



  • Handle Axes with Care.

  • No Horseplay.

  • No trick shots.

  • Never take the axes out of the throwing area.                                            

  • Never hand an axe to another patron.

  • NO outside axes are allowed.



  • Only ONE thrower is allowed in a lane at a time.                                       

  • Only ONE axe is allowed per lane.

  • No food or drink inside the lanes.

  • Throw only from inside the throw zone.

  • Keep body parts and objects away from the lane fencing.



  • You can bring Beer, Seltzers, and Wine ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • NO Vodka Teas or drinks. NO drinks mixed with any type of liquor.

  • Anyone caught with or consuming any form of liquor will be asked to leave with no refunds given!

  • Only small personal cooler sizes are allowed. Usually 6 to 9 QT size.

  • Must be 21+ and A valid State Issued I.D. must be shown to get a drinking band.

Any employee of Howler Hatchet House has the right to, refuse admittance to a group with an intoxicated member, remove a group or participant from the venue at anytime if they suspect a group member of being intoxicated, and may remove a group or participant from the venue at anytime if they are found to be breaking the beer and wine only rule or allowing drinking by a non banded (21+ age) party member. No refunds will be given in these circumstances to the individual or any group member.