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About Howlers Hatchet House

a New Axe-perience!

Howler’s Hatchet House is more than your standard axe throwing venue! We offer a unique axe-perience using projection systems and end grain targets!

Our projection systems allow you the option to play many different styles of games from the standard axe scoring targets, to tic tac toe, duck hunt, zombie killing, Bottle Bash, and much more! Our interactive system allows for easy scoring and game management, great for first time throwers or seasoned axe masters.

Traditional targets are made of hard woods that make sticking your axe more difficult. Our end grain targets make sticking your throw much easier, which reduces the frustration and enhances the fun!

Our Venue

Our venue offers a welcoming, cozy, and entertaining atmosphere. In addition to axe throwing, we offer relaxing lounge areas, plenty of table space, large games, table top games, darts, corn hole, several televisions, and much more. All this is free to our axe throwing guest! We also have a snack bar with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, candy, and other pre-packaged foods. Check out our specialty nights where we have amazing events like black light axe throwing, music genre nights, food truck nights, and plenty more!


SAFETY – We ensure the utmost attention and preparation is taken to assure the safety of our guests and employees.

FUN– We are dedicated to delivering  an exciting and fun experience to every guest who walks through our doors.

FELLOWSHIP– Everyone is welcome at Howler’s Hatchet House. We encourage inclusion and sportsmanship above all.

“For in order that a person do well, whether in the works of their active life or in these of their contemplative life, they need the fellowship of friends” -Thomas Aquinas


Howler’s Hatchet House is throwing out the standard marker drawn on targets and bringing a whole new level of axe-citement with our clearer projection target systems. You can choose between different game modes as much as you like. Scoring is made simple. With an easy to use, standard mouse and keyboard, you set up and score your games much like at a bowling alley. Your names and scores are also projected, as well as your lane time remaining. Whether your group is looking for serious competition or you just want some laid back fun, our system gives you the best of both!